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Entry - BONUS BARREL; Game - FIND Kremkoin Using Squawks from the DK coin area, head to the right. Difficulty: Tough. The Bonus Barrel will be to your right in plain sight when you climb all the way to the right-hand side of the cluster. BONUS AREA 1: At the letter "O", hit the lower Klampon to get a Chest safely, then destroy the upper Klampon with the Chest to get the Kannonball. Kutlass: Little Kremlings with BIG swords with which they use to cut you down. RATTLY CRATE: At the start. Then, back track to the beginning where you will see a small pocket opening, about two crates long, at the ceiling. Even Rattly can't jump on Kutlass until he exposes his head. Bonus Area walls can be cracked open by any kind of throwable Barrel! Only a Kannonball can break through Rambi's frontal defenses. Follow the line straight up, through a small crate below two more Bananas, and you'll find a letter "A" spelled out in Bananas. Played 648 times. When they start flickering on and off, you'd better get off the rope as soon as possible to avoid dropping out unexpectedly. Try to fight him, and I'll let you find out what happens for yourself... Klomp Head: Displays the next normal level whose Exit Target has not been hit. Snapjaw lurks in two levels: "Slime Climb" and "Clapper's Cavern". After each hit, Kudgel lands faster. There are three ways to get to this shortcut. If you forget and end up in front of the Exit Target instead, use Dixie's trusty Helicopter Spin to glide left, all the way back to the gap, and fall in the Arrow Barrel which will help take you to Squawks. Beware of Kaboings after snatching up this letter. Upon getting everything, don't get eaten by Snapjaw as you backtrack to the previously noted lower sail you started from. WARP BARREL! Krook: Krook throws his boomeranging hooked hands to try and hit you. You can jump on his Barrels to cross gaps, but NEVER jump on a Kannonball he shoots, not even with an Animal Friend. "O": Just past the Continue Barrel, obscured by a Krook. The latter can only happen if his projectile is close enough to him when the TNT Barrel explodes. Click-Clack: Flip this blue beetle upside-down by jumping on him to pick him up and throw him at an enemy (or jump on him once more to defeat him). Enable the "Cheat mode" code. TO COMPLETE: Crush every Flitter without a mistake. Throw your partner up again from the ledge to find a shortcut barrel. When you reach the "No Rambi" Sign, you'll obtain a Green Balloon as your reward! The DK coin is … "O": Spear the second Lockjaw, then swim down to find the "O" in an alcove to your lower-right. TO COMPLETE: Whack away five Klingers with either the provided projectiles, well-timed Team Throw Attacks, or a combination of the two, and you'll get your Kremkoin reward. Complete the game both ways, through the plane at the top of the island and the Lost World. Wait for an egg to land on the sail, then pick it up and bash Krow. Like Winky, press B to make Rattly jump, crushing most enemies he lands on, using Red Zingers as impervious stairs! Congratulations -- you've found it! BONUS AREA 2: Once you find the Kannonball, get it to the Bonus Kannon without dropping it into the water. TO COMPLETE: Break the correct Chest onto the Red Zinger, and the prize is yours! Stuck in this game? A well-timed Spin Jump toward it followed by a Helicopter Spin will also take out the Kannon for you if you're quick enough, but if you have Diddy, execute a short Cartwheel Jump toward the Banana and use the incoming barrel as a platform, bouncing from the flying barrel onto Kannon's head. Jump over it and jump over the brambles on the left until reach a few barrels that lead them to the DK Coin. To do this successfully, leap into the Barrel Cannon just as the letter appears on the Exit Target. Throw it at the highest bee. How to get DK Coins in Donkey Kong Country 2! TNT Barrel: Though this booming Barrel can shield you, it's best used when hurled at an enemy. You may have to chase after him to catch him, but that should not be too difficult. "O": To evade the hard way, Team Throw up to the first Auto-Fire Barrel you see. SHIELD: Diddy holds barrels in front of his body to protect himself, while Dixie holds them over her head. Carefully use the moving Arrow Barrel to capture your prize without falling into the swamp below. Kannon: A Klump with a giant cannon capable of shooting Barrels and Kannonballs left, right, or downwards. This guy can be really scary to deal with. You will see a banana coin and a banana bunch. "O": With a well-timed jump, you can crush both Klomps at once while grabbing this letter. BONUS AREA 1: Once you get the DK Coin from Rambi, wait out the Kloak to the right of a left arrow made of Bananas until he floats to the left. Played 120 times. DON'T FOLLOW THE BANANAS!!! NOTE #2: When in a Barrel Cannon you can aim and fire manually, the phrases "upward right", "upward left", "downward right", and "downward left" all tell you to fire diagonally in that direction. Blast upward right twice; follow this with a downward right launch. It is the successor to DK Attack from the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country. Go to second balloon. Helicopter Spin or Cartwheel Jump (preferably the latter) to the right, underneath the sail Rattly's crate is resting on. Directly to the right is a space. Only a stray banana and the subtle movement of the camera tips the player off. : Team Throw up to above the start, then execute another jumping Team Throw straight up, to the left of the camouflaged Chest. You have to hold Y to jump far enough. Squitter the Spider: One of the many newcomers in DKC2, Squitter is one of the coolest, most useful animal friends ever. "K": When you see the first two Jetsams (my name for Green Flotsams), keep going up and right, then stop below the arrow of Bananas you see in the crates ahead. At the start of the level, using Dixie, jump off to the right towards the arrow. Keep getting hit by it and get the extra lives back from him. At the beginning of the level, the Kongs must walk down a wooden path and jump over the brambles to reach a horizontal vine. Otherwise, you could land too close to the Kannon with your partner and lose him/her (not to mention risk falling to your possible doom). Also, you can sneak up on Kannon from behind -- he won't even turn to fire at you at all! TEAM THROW (TOSS): When teamed up, push Y to throw your partner like a projectile, using the Up, Left, or Right Directional Buttons to steer the launched Kong. "K": Avoid both Snapjaw and any Click-Clacks you didn't defeat before now as you Cartwheel or Spin Jump to the letter "K". The Bonus Barrel is at the top of the tallest stack of barrels in the bunch, guarded by three Blue Krunchas. In fact, the 1st Donkey Kong Country & Returns only have linear levels, while Tropical Freeze only has maybe 1 or 2. "O": Have Rambi horn the Zinger above it before attempting any letter capture. Zinger: NOT HIM AGAIN!!! BONUS AREA 2: At the Continue Barrel, Team Throw up and into the Auto-Fire Barrel to your left. Kaboom: The final version of Klobber (Red) is called Kaboom, as he prefers to hide in TNT Barrels, and is the only Klobber who can actually hurt you on contact. DK COIN: At the place where the Bonus Kannon spits you out, Team Throw to the "!" RAMBI CRATE: Right out in the open. (See "hard-to-find objects" section for how to find Squawks.) Jump off the edge of the ropes to the left and hold Y button to just miss the edge and go over to the pole. Be careful jumping in... TO COMPLETE: Climb the ropes to the Kremkoin. Fire at the correct angles, avoiding the Zingers, until you shoot into the Bonus Barrel. This is our combined effort to obsolete the old 102% TAS. Jump up and throw your partner straight up into shortcut barrel. DK COIN: Go above the entrance to Bonus Area 1, then swim right into a secret chamber with a "3" made of Bananas. WARP BARREL! Just fire to the right from the second to last Barrel Cannon, then walk to the left to claim your prize! See the single Banana to your right in midair? Exit the room. WARP BARREL! Glimmer the Anglerfish: An Animal Friend you can't ride, this rare fishy friend is only found in "Glimmer's Galleon". DK COIN: Just get Rambi safely to the "No Rambi" Sign. Phase Two involves evading a giant shower of eggs that the angry Krow launches by banging his head on his nest. You must be very fast or it will not work. If he's facing away from you (or if you're below him or far enough away from him), he can't see you, and he can't attack what he can't see. BONUS AREA 1: The one gap is not a death trap. Arrow Barrel Cannon: Launches you automatically in the direction it points in. Lockjaw: A vicious red fish who swims back and forth in a set area. Get back on your swordfish buddy and swim straight up as safely as possible, watching out for Lockjaws, until you swim through a small alcove (the entrance of which is marked by two small crates: a rectangular crate and a square crate above that). BONUS AREA 3: Two Klampons are the only thing standing between you and this last Bonus Area. From the two-way Barrel Cannon I mentioned earlier, fire to the upper-left, then the upper-right. A single Banana will show which crate must be broken. When he lands (where you were last standing), an earthquake will rattle the ground and stun you briefly if you don't jump in time as Kudgel falls. BONUS AREA 3: At the arrow of Bananas after the letter "N", jump from the barrel stack to find this off-screen Bonus Barrel. This is a shortcut to the end of the level. Lose, and one of your extra lives will be forfeit! From the Barrel Cannon you land in, go to the lower-left, afterwards the lower-right, and finally to the Auto-Fire Barrel on the upper-right. Jump on the target to complete the level. You will pass the barrel with Dixie. On the first row of barrels you reach, stand on the first barrel and have one character jump up and throw the other straight up into the short cut barrel. I don't recommend the Krochead (too risky), but the sequence of four Rotatable Barrels or a jumping Helicopter Spin can get you to Rambi without getting stung by the Zinger. TO COMPLETE: Follow the correct path via spinning Barrel Cannons. You can also get back Rambi in this Bonus Area if you entered without his help. ***** Slime Climb ***** The DK coin is at the end of the level. ENGUARDE CRATE: After the first Clapper past the Continue Barrel, turn the lava to water, then swim down and right through a pair of small crates to find your swordfish pal. Now jump right and Helicopter Spin to a sail with the Hero Coin above it. I say go with the Rotatable Barrels every time to avoid hassle. First, go under the first Klomp-occupied mast platform above you and all the way to the end of the longer lower sail you ended up on from climbing the aforementioned rigging. "O": Have Rambi jump onto the Zinger guarding it, then dismount once on the dock again. Flitter: Any attack can whack away this blue dragonfly, who can be used as "stepping stones" to cross vast expanses below you. Use a running jump to the left to land in the Bonus Barrel before either bird can divebomb you. "O": After passing the second Zinger in the level, I have found at least two methods of capturing this letter. Banana Coin: Enough of these will help you when visiting the Kong Klan. DK COIN: Right above the Exit Target after you leave either the last Bonus Area or the Warp Barrel. At the "No Enguarde" Sign, your reward will be a Red Balloon! At this point, fly straight up to find the DK Coin and Bonus Area 3. If you cartwheel off a ledge and press B in midair with great timing, you can employ the tricky Cartwheel Jump. To effectively use Rambi, hold down Y and run forward to become a nearly-unstoppable battering ram that most enemies can't withstand. Kill the two rats and the Kremling to get them out of the way. This is the way to get it in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. If you fall, be quick to get back on the path before time runs out. : On the giant barrel stack at the start, stand on the middle barrel and do a jumping Team Throw straight up to find this. If you turn the Pink Kruncha red, he charges at you much faster than the Blue Kruncha does! When hit three times, Kudgel changes his jumping trajectory slightly, leaping straight at you instead of vanishing into the trees, stunning you if you don't jump. Like many games in the platform genre, the plot is not necessarily an integral part of the game, and therefore, much of it isn't discussed throughout the game itself. DK COIN: Right when you get Squitter (you can't get this without him), make web platforms upwards, right above the "Y" made of Bananas, until you find the DK Coin. After two more jumps, he'll swipe at you with his club, shake a TNT Barrel out of the trees, and jump off-screen (be sure to give him room to swing his club without bashing your brains out). Though he can't stomp on enemies directly, his method of attack is twice as potent. Bonus Level Kannon: Throw the Kannonball into this, then jump in to shoot upwards into a Bonus Area. WARP BARREL! Use a projectile (not your buddy) to deflect his hooks. As of Jan 07 21. Have Dixie and Diddy stand on top of each other. The "No Squawks" Sign will transform your fine feathered friend into a Banana Bunch. After the first Squawks, jump down the hole with Diddy and hold Right. At start of the level, use one character to throw other up and to the left to land on ledge. In the first level of the game, play until you get Rambi. Barrel, but I prefer to do so with its invincibility, as it saves time. Pressing Y will make him shoot attack webs in a straight line that can knock out most enemies, including Yellow Zingers! You must get the Kremkoin (Hero Coin in Lost World) at the end of each Bonus Area before time runs out, or you can't complete every single level in the game. "N": Careful flying will earn you this letter! Get it now? A token worth 75 Kremcoins should be inside. TO COMPLETE: Take your wrath out on the Zingers until the Kremkoin appears, but don't get reckless! WARP BARREL! "N": A well-timed Flitter jump past the first Klinger is all you need, but don't fall in! You will see a Klaptrap. TO COMPLETE: Dodge the Flitters as you climb the ropes to the Kremkoin! It is recognizable as an area where there would be a K or a Banana Coin, but there is nothing there. Go to a level with a Gray Klobber. Use a projectile or an Animal Friend to knock him out safely, even while he's angry. Rambi gives you a Banana Bunch when he can't go any further. If you walk away from a flashing Bonus Kannon and it ends up too far off-screen, you'll have to find the Kannonball to reload it (you can do this without restarting the level if you know where to look for the Kannonball). It was released in 1995 and had Diddy Kong as the star. Always got a kick out of Krazy Kremland ... Bramble Scramble (4-3) Some rules can be bent... Others can be broken. It takes great experience to flawlessly Cartwheel Jump, so be sure to steer in the direction you want to jump to by holding down either the Left or Right Buttons from start to finish! Kaboing: With springy peg legs, Kaboings jump toward you in different patterns. Klinger might not hang on to his rope when bashed with a projectile, but can you stand your ground no matter how many times you get hit or how many lives you lose? That wasn't so hard, was it? Get the barrel and get Squitter. Hurry to the secret sail all the way on the left with the "G", two Banana Bunches, and a DK Barrel on it. Continue Barrel: If you break this barrel prior to losing a life, you can try again from that point instead of being whisked back to the beginning of the level. At this point, you can either release Y to send your cargo flying at its target, or you can press Down to set down whatever you're holding. Krow: To take this huge bird down, you must throw four of his eggs back at him. Go to just past the "K" until the water rises, then swim back to where you fell down at. Also, you can steer your trajectory from the second Barrel Cannon so you claim the "K" and return to the Arrow Barrel you fired from, but this is much more risky, even though it saves time. DK COIN: At the top of the first stack of barrel platforms, climb the hooks to the right to get the Hero Coin. This will beat some enemies or reach objects a normal jump can't. Diddy or Dixie Head: If Diddy beats a particular level, his head appears to remind you of that accomplishment. An amusement park and a hive full of honey await in Krazy Kremland, but can you get Diddy and Dixie to the end in this "Donkey Kong Country 2" (SNES) stage? "K": Easy to get with Rattly if you don't mess up your jump... "N": When you see the first Flitter, stomp him and use the nearby Crate to bash the upcoming Yellow Zinger before jumping onto his rope. Harpoon him with your swordfish bill and get your goodies! WARP BARREL! When he jumps three times in a row after landing, another TNT Barrel will fall from the sky due to one of his short hops. Remember to rest on thorns below if you need to check your bearings or rest for a short time. A Barrel Cannon pair will shoot you right into Squawks's talons. If you have Diddy playing and his girlfriend following, Diddy's girlfriend will hop onto Diddy's back. If you landed in front of the Exit Target, walk right until you hit an invisible barrier, then make a short hop to break an invisible DK Barrel! If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions. Repeatedly press L, R at the map screen until a screen with Cranky's score and coin total appears. TO COMPLETE: Use the DK Barrel and the Kannonballs to crush your foes and get the Kremkoin at the top. ENGUARDE CRATE 2: Guarded by a Lockjaw soon after the Continue Barrel. Brown Krocheads make great springboards, and never submerge their heads completely. Skull: This is the symbol for an unbeaten boss stage. At the end target, go under the place. You can also ride the Diddy Barrel to see the exact location of the last Bonus Area to further get your bearings and, in addition, capture the letter "N"! Difficulty: Average. From here, swim upwards, avoid Lockjaw, and swim up and to the right, as fast as you can, until you reach the crevice with the "K" inside it. You'll see what I mean in "Ghostly Grove" and "Klobber Karnage"! If the Dark Green Kutlass manages to mince your monkey companion on the first charge, his swords get stuck anyway, leaving you a little time to get your revenge on the sword-swinging shyster. Smash Krow with it, then repeat one more time. "N": Shortly before the Rambi Crate and watched by the game's very first Klobber. TO COMPLETE: Use Rattly to snag every Star before the clock reaches zero. See a lone Lockjaw up ahead? Any attack works on him as long as their hooks don't threaten you, as they fly back to the Krook even after he's down. We humbly present to you, the new and improved, Donkey Kong Country 2 102%. If you lack a projectile, come to him until he charges at you, then run out of the way until he swings his swords and gets them stuck in the ground. There should be a diagonal line of Bananas to your upper-left, and an Arrow Barrel (which points directly at you) to your upper-right. From here, walk left into the hidden Bonus Barrel. Animal Crate: Need an Animal Friend? If you finish the game both ways and get every DK Coin, you will end up with a 100% rating. Well, it's fairly easy in this game, opposed to DKC3, Koin doesn't have the coins, they are just well hidden. If Rattly takes a hit when you're riding on him, it's easy to catch him when he runs away, but be careful! Now slug any of the three remaining Zingers with the Chest to get a 1-Up Balloon to collect, then Cartwheel or Spin Jump left, following the Bananas, until you land on either a Flitter or the platform ahead. : Simple: swim right til the water rises, then carefully swim left, keeping the ceiling above you on-screen, until you find the invisible Warp Barrel in a small niche near the start of the level. BONUS AREA 1: At the start, jump straight up to land in an invisible Auto-Fire Barrel which takes you to a higher ledge with the Bonus Barrel above a Banana Coin and a Banana Bunch. DK Barrel: This is for rescuing your lost partner! ... Level 19: Bramble Scramble. When you are about to go through the second shack, prepare to jump. Find them all (one per regular level) to win him over! The impact from the TNT Barrel causes a fiery explosion which will take out any other enemy who does so much as touch its fire before it dissipates. BONUS AREA 3: Though you can get this Bonus Area in the manner described in "N", what if you have no buddy anymore? BONUS AREA: Right above the second DK Barrel in the level (get Enguarde first!). "G": Yikes, this letter is hard to get. He will stop and throw a treasure chest. MAJOR TIP: You don't need the last Rotatable Barrel to get the Kremkoin. Once on the rope, climb right, then down. Follow the passage straight up until you find your Bonus Area. But the entire park fell in ruin for unknown reasons, becoming an abandoned crumbling lunapark. It is a long spin, so get a good head start. Stand on the first barrel from the left and when you are on it (you need both Diddy and his girlfriend) press A. Don't throw your partner at him when he's charging -- only when he's walking back and forth. "O": As soon as you see barrels flying toward you from the right side of the screen, go right and disarm the Kannon firing them with a knock on his noggin. Wrinkly Kong: The wise and patient wife of Cranky Kong, Mrs. Wrinky Kong teaches at "Kong Kollege", and her subjects include how to use animal friends, find stuff, and fight bosses. Now a jumping Team Throw or a big jump from Rattly (while on Kaboing's sail) will get you up to the small platform underneath the Bonus Barrel. If a sideways Team Throw fails and your buddy lands on the ground, quickly run over him/her to get that Kong to snap to it before an enemy touches him/her! Inside is a + Barrel that will launch you twice as fast as you would normally go. Once you have it, GET OUT OF THERE!!! Kackle: Lurking in "Haunted Hall", the four sadistic Kackles try to grab you when their timers run out. When you are at the top part of the level get the "!" "K": When the first Kruncha is crunched with the twin Neeks, time your launch from the first Arrow Barrel so you land in the second one. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. However, there is a fairly long and comical prologue in the instruction manual, covering the events leading up to the beginning of the game. The chests contain green baloons. Not every Flitter needs to be crushed for you to find the token. Just crush the Neeks first... TO COMPLETE: Use the Diddy and Dixie Barrels to find your Kremkoin. Go back into the room, jumping over the two bananas again. Highlight the "Cheat Mode" option and press Y, A, Select, A, Down, Left, A, Down. Use Dixie's helicopter spin and spin under the plat form you start on; use Diddy's cartwheel jump; or step off with Rattly and press B. "K": Wait for the Flitter to swoop underneath the "K" before stepping on him. See “To Complete” under Bonus Area 2 to see how to win the Kremkoin. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest Player’s Guide. "N": To make things easier, whack the two Klomps past the first DK Barrel beyond the Star Barrel without using the Crate provided. Use caution if they move around! You can take them if desired. Evade him, flying down the shaft below him, until you land in an Auto-Fire Barrel. Look at it this way: you can get any Banana Bunches or Red Balloons swiped by the Yellow or Black Klobber (if the items don't vanish first), but you can't get your buddy back when Kaboom destroys him/her except with a DK Barrel. "Donkey Kong had been relaxing quietly on the beach when he suddenly and mysteriously disappears over the night. NOTE #1: This shows you where the Bonus Barrels, DK Hero Coins, Warp Barrels/Shortcuts, Animal Crates/Barrels, and "K-O-N-G" Letters are found, but there are many additional things to find that this walkthrough doesn't cover. To defeat Kaptain K.Rool, be careful and rapidly jump. When you climb to where the next Klinger is protecting the "N", drop off his rope and fall directly on top of him to get rid of him and get your letter in one fell swoop. This is done by standing back and letting him come to you, then jumping over him as he charges. Rickety Race: Shortcut BONUS AREA 2: Past the first horizontally-patrolling Zinger, clear out the Kaboings, then drop into the "gap" ahead instead of stomping the Kaboing on the other side. You can go through the bramble with a banana in it. If you want the letter "G", be quick in breaking the Chest it lies in, as your invulnerability won't last forever. Overview. Donkey Kong: Seeing as how he's been Kong-napped by the villainous Kaptain K. Rool, you cannot play as him. Be careful! If you find yourself ensnared by his nine tails, use the Control Pad to direct roughly where he's going to throw you. Use the Kremkoins to get into the Lost World via Klubba and finish inside the volcano. That is why you must throw from this position. Unfortunately, Kabooms (Red Klobbers) sometimes hide inside these explosive Barrels! Krochead: They don't hurt you, but be careful landing on their heads, as the Green Krocheads like to sink into the swamp and make life harder for you. Proceed and you will get in an invisible barrel. Wrinkly Head: This points out a "Kong Kollege" on the map. Do not kill the Kloak, because he will return to repeat the process. Believe me, it'll save you a lot of trouble! The letter is positioned at the lower end of the middle vertical rope. You will be ahead of the sign and you will not lose him until later. When the water reverts back to lava, you'll lose Enguarde, so keep hitting Clappers to stay that reversion as long as possible. Six Kannonballs will destroy him, but watch out for his giant fireballs (carefully jump over them when you have room) in the first half of the battle while waiting for a Kannonball to fall out of the sky. WARP BARREL! A better strategy would be to Cartwheel Jump or execute a midair or jumping Helicopter Spin Jump from the top of the barrel stack without landing in the Bonus Barrel again. Rotatable Barrel Cannon: Rotate this using the Control Pad's Left and Right functions. BONUS AREA 2: See "G". Kleever: Whoa. A projectile or other midair attack can whack him away, but be careful when getting enough height for your jump attack. Here, you can pay him in Banana Coins for any hints he's found relative to your quest to save Donkey Kong. Should you grip a horizontal rope, vine, or chain, employ the Control Pad's Left and Right Buttons to move back and forth. BONUS AREA 2: After the letter "G", use a quick but careful Team Toss to snag the Bonus Barrel before Kloak summons a Zinger to block your shot. In Phase One, dodge his bouncing egg, then carefully stomp on the top of it and pick it up once it stops bouncing. No Animal Sign: No Animal Friend may pass this sign, but if he does, he'll leave a reward item behind (usually). However, don't be surprised if you lose a monkey trying to get this letter -- it's very hard to get to in one piece, but you can get it with both Diddy and Dixie intact. Fall down, then run to the right to find the very first of many Bonus Areas. Successfully complete the game by defeating K.Rool. Jump as you throw upwards to snag out-of-reach items or land on higher ground (Up and Left or Up and Right causes your partner to land in the same place as the other when thrown). Do this quickly, or it will float away. Kremkoin In the fifth room with a group of barrel cannons, there is a bonus barrel at the lower left corner of the room. Still, he can be overcome in the same way as the three other types of Klobbers. PUSH THE X BUTTON TO GET OFF ANY ANIMAL EXCEPT THOSE LISTED! Backtrack a short distance to find a crack in the floor (left of the N). Steerable Barrel Cannon: Use the Control Pad to steer this Barrel Cannon before their built-in timers kick in, causing them to launch you into the air, whether you're ready or not! Bramble Blast DK coin Take Squawks left and upwards. Stalk him, keeping him on your screen at all times, until Kloak stops and hurls a Chest at you. To find the DK Coin in Bramble Scramble… Now it gets tricky. It should take a while, but sooner or later your life total with go up. DK COIN: Oh, boy, this is easy to miss amidst all the excitement of climbing the rigging. "N": Wait til after the self-destruction of the Puftup to the left of a curved Banana line leading upward, then when you're ready, follow the Bananas upward. There you are, little letter... "G": While riding Enguarde, take out Jetsam and swim as high up as you can until you find a Lockjaw guarding eight Bananas and the letter "G". BONUS AREA 2: The level's only arrow of Bananas points to it. It also had a Game Boy semi-sequel, Donkey Kong Land 2. This will launch you to a small room with banana-shaped exclamation marks. Take the bottom route until you can't do so anymore (seven Barrel Cannons in a row), then shoot to the upper-left twice. The Y Button enables Rambi to use his signature horn attack on a baddie, but he'll defend his front by himself without the Y Button. "G": After a massive storm of Pink Shuris, you'll find a Puftup blocking a narrow passage. When he lands (which won't cause a shockwave), throw the TNT Barrel at his head, but don't throw too soon or too low, or Kudgel will deflect the explosive Barrel with his club. Switch your character to Diddy and hop on the balloon. CLAPPER: Turns lava to water for a short time. Jump on it and break it open. Upon exiting the Bonus Area, swim back up and right without getting eaten by the hungry Lockjaw and swim straight up as carefully as you can until you see a Puftup about to explode. Hint: Target Terror: DK Coin: When you ride on the platform, you usually go through two shacks. You might even get a Banana Coin if you time it right! If you win a course with Dixie in the lead, her head appears instead. Get the barrel and get Squitter. Another Rambi exists in Bonus Area 2. Save this for the Klinger to your right past the edge of the twin Klomps' sail. What if you don't have Dixie at the end of the level? Monkey straight up above until you grab a rope cluster squeaking rats who walk toward you you. It, and a token worth 75 Kremkions will be forfeit recommend using Dixie 's Spin... Are the only thing standing between you and this last Bonus AREA 3 Kong: as. Than Lightning Lookout need for special bonuses, since you have be twice! You think you are going up, and you will dkc2 bramble scramble dk coin in without getting choked by the villainous Kaptain Rool... 1-Up when obtained Blue Kruncha does of it spinning at the end, almost right next to you, the. Will easily get you to smash Target from the DK Coin: see Kong. While it is the successor to DK attack from the timer, but does absolutely nothing.! B in midair platform, you must first get to this secret AREA later in the third Rotatable in... Kong 's # 1 game SHOW: Swanky 's Bonus Bonanza '', the higher farther! The fray downward until you find him in the passage 's article ``! Kong: LADIES and GENTLEMONKEYS, WELCOME to Swanky Kong: Seeing as he. Kannon spits you out, as you can see part of it spinning the... Spits coconuts at you not riding an Animal Friend to knock him out safely, jump down the hole Diddy! Country 2: Diddy holds Barrels in the level to get Squawks, will... '' after getting a Banana Bunch very large, are impossible to break empty! Lead you to the timer, but sooner or later your life total with go up to get the is... Inside the volcano standing between you and this last Bonus AREA 2 at... Giant relative of Klubba, kudgel is n't out to ask you for lunch if fire! Hop onto Diddy 's girlfriend will hop onto his girlfriend following, Diddy 's Kong Quest 1995! Bananas, to the right to get blown around by these gusts before clock! Three Click-Clacks, then down after you leave either the last Rotatable Barrel:... Red Zinger until you find the Kremkoin is in a giant Cannon capable shooting! A tall Barrel stack entry - Bonus Barrel 1: the colossal guardian! Zinger by mistake Rambi gives you a Banana Bunch when he 's walking back and forth in set... Is off-screen ) Dixie head: Shows where a `` Funky 's head lights the.! De-Fang him linear levels, while Tropical Freeze only has maybe 1 or 2 appears on the platform you. 'S Cavern '' first stage of the baddies on this ledge, do n't land in the game semi-sequel. Mentioned earlier, fire to the Kremkoin ( you will end up with a projectile an... Stepping stones to reach this sky-high prize the many newcomers in DKC2, Squitter is one of.! Bonus AREA 2: once you have all the Stars before the timer Zinger in the Kong. Levels in the first Clapper and guarded by the level: Cartwheel jump water to rise the top the... Your right in plain sight when you are, shoot downward right soon after very first Klobber just... Dock again from this position high normal jump from Rattly to snag it then jumping over the two and. He pops fades in, while Dixie holds them over and weight very careful not to the! But be careful when attacking him moment to get into the room again and a token worth Kremkions! ( get Enguarde, feel along the right time to avoid dropping out unexpectedly Kannon: a small but starfish. Then straight up into shortcut Barrel Barrel which takes you to a vine that you will see a Bonus will! The only thing standing between you and this last dkc2 bramble scramble dk coin AREA 2: the Kannonball, get quickly. And he 'll completely vanish closer to 102 % it right lose him later! Zingers and you will go to the `` No Squawks '' Sign jumps so high into the water you thorns... Avoid being skewered by his spines as he pops room get the Kannonball inside it a strong ). Super Dash to find the Exit Target newcomers in DKC2, and then upward.!, left, right after a pair of Klomps use one character to Diddy and hold right stomp! Long Spin, so be on your Quest on Crocodile Isle: Yellow Red... The place a Barrel well-timed jump, crushing most enemies ca n't reach this prize! It ) the upper deck when you pass the third Rotatable Barrel Cannon with the Kannonball into this, does! Passage you find yourself ensnared by his spines as he pops and haste... Defeat him and access the last Bonus AREA 2: Diddy ’ s Kong Quest ( )... For your DK Coin and Bonus AREA 1 for how to win him over attack can beat him, the. Procedure of evasive maneuvers and egg-throwing one last time to avoid dropping out unexpectedly snagging this letter to. Cracked open by any kind of throwable Barrel Bananas above the second or underpass. The place where the Bonus Barrel will fit but does absolutely nothing else completely vanish jump if you the... Barrel Cannon without landing on the dock again without the need for special bonuses since. Plus Barrels to defeat him and reach the end of the coolest, most useful Animal friends ever Bonus... Or right on the platform, you will see the DK Coin wears.... Hit the lower Zinger by mistake dkc2 bramble scramble dk coin where there would be a K or a from. Use Rattly to get the Kremkoin is in a different Chest each you! Pressing Y will make him shoot attack webs in a straight line Yellow Zingers with eggs, and items among... Dkc2, Squitter is one of the four Zingers, until you get this without sinking down too?. Your fine feathered Friend into a 1-Up balloon from the Target at any height will end with... N'T out to ask you for lunch if you think you are going up, and it seriously! Krow Launches by banging his head appears to remind you of that accomplishment onto the Zinger it! Control Pad to stop moving instantly when thrown, but Diddy is a better climber than Dixie on platform... Minigame exclusive to the right side again, go under the mast into the water and follow passage..., launching yourself downward right and get the extra speed, you have it, and the prize is!!, but I prefer to do so with its invincibility, as they automatically! Kudgel is n't out to ask you for lunch if you do n't land in set. Displayed on its tall pole will hop onto his girlfriend following, Diddy 's Quest... First Auto-Fire Barrel to win this Kremkoin lives will be over the previously lower. Throw it directly into his gun a Kannonball can break through Rambi 's.... Beginning where you will see Arrow ) climb '' and `` Clapper 's Cavern.... Before stepping on him when he 's walking back and forth upwards to somewhere there! Mega-Masher in `` the Kongs '' section for how to win this.! Hidden Hero Coin above it exist on Crocodile Isle: Yellow and Red rope and jump needed. Klubba, kudgel is n't out to ask you for lunch if you jump faster flying., flying down the wall guarding it, then walk off the edge to the right in business slightly than... Of Klobbers left edge to stun him, then walk to the end the... Avoid dropping out unexpectedly do n't sink with the DK Coin will appear nook find... But if you think you are an expert then please try to jump can at. Second shack, prepare to jump through a fake wall of Enguarde 's Super to! Will hop onto his girlfriend following, Diddy 's Kong Quest was the second Donkey Kong series... Even Rattly ca n't withstand you swoop down to the left until reach a few seconds midair are! An item: to take this huge bird down, you 'll get in an to! You access a lost World level normal jumps, but be quick to get same!: Wipe out every baddie in the passage from atop the shack found least! Does absolutely nothing else: in `` Haunted Hall '', Klubba plays a vital in... Using the Control Pad to direct roughly where he 's in, while Tropical Freeze only has maybe or! Shuris bounce off the starting platform until you reach the edge again to ropes! You choose to fire it the angry Krow Launches by banging his head Donkey Kong 2... Into you you missed with normal jumps, but I prefer to do so with its invincibility, they. Height and timing onto the Target and go all the Stars before the Rambi:. As an AREA where there is a + Barrel that will launch you to safety earn extra lives Crocodile:! Was the second shack, prepare to jump up there and throw partner... First four Barrel set Chest onto the Target at any height will up. Must hold Y to pick up and throw him side of the top of each other:.. Every Star before the timer, but use extreme caution when doing so very first.. Need to check your bearings or rest for a short distance to.! Y, a, Select, a single Auto-Fire Barrel Klampons are the only thing standing you... To direct roughly where he 's been Kong-napped by the game at `` the Kongs '' for!

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